Shrewd Ultimate Deception:

Shrewd Ultimate Deception:

The transition to a lower emissions future, without compromising the energy security and prosperity of current and future generations, is a lost cause! Powerful forces are preventing us from perceiving our common interest, and these forces with opposing views deny us the ability to reach an equitable solution.

Indeed, the insistence that climate disruption deniers are disreputable, to build spurious consensus with ambiguous data, is a gamble! Insomuch as numerous people labelled climate disruption deniers are, in fact, established, and respected scientists.

To progress to an equitable lower emissions future, we need to drop the "Global warming" tag. For example, the term "Environmental degradation" is a poisonous reality that all mature and responsible governments dare not deny.

Correlation is not causation:

The environmental movement has an unwavering conviction in "Man-made" climate disruption. We burn fossil fuels! Therefore, we are morally responsible for the oncoming calamity! Additionally, all, and any attempts to explore or voice alternative theories encounter scorn and derision. This purposeful manipulation and aggressive behaviour towards alternative theories is poor science, and has divided world opinion with the resulting deadlock we are now experiencing.

Nevertheless, our climate has never existed in a static state, and the degree to which people have affected climate disruption is debatable. Similarly, the blatant dishonesty that has allowed no differentiation between evidence and conjecture, has prevented resolution of real and addressable problems.

Furthermore, the shrewd and ultimate deception of elite western movements appears structured, and determined to deny the developing world the energy, food, and water security needed to build and sustain competitive economies. The environmental movement is, in fact, nothing more than a hierarchical white supremacist movement!

Complex and unsettled history:

Credible scientists with impeccable credentials in geology, archaeology, palaeoclimatology, and other scientific fields have identified periods of change in temperature, rainfall, ocean currents, glacier formation and recession, going back 600 million years. These credible scientists tell us that extreme weather flux in our meteorological history, has decimated life on earth multiple times in the past!

These weather changes carry names like the "Holocene Climate Optimum", the "Roman Climate Optimum", the "Medieval Warm Period" and the "Little Ice Age". Moderate periods of cooling or warming modulates these larger trends, yielding cold years in warming trends and warmer years in cooling trends.

Our environment will get warmer, and cooler, no matter what we do. To proclaim that we can prevent climate disruption displays a malicious ignorance of our planet's complex and unsettled history. And allows a hierarchical white supremacist movement the power to endanger the lives of billions.

However, we cannot ignore our environmental responsibilities! We need to take an equitable approach with conclusions based on thoughtful analysis of collected data, and not the tactical shrewdness of a tainted environmental movement.

An equitable road-map:

Despite the systematic manipulation of "Science's" tenet that "Correlation is not causation", the "De-carbonation" of earth's atmosphere has failed! Additionally, the lack of consensus on ethical solutions ensures that the shrills of environmentalists will continue to thwart our common interests.

However, the equitable needs of the developing world overshadows the manipulations of western environmentalists, and the developing world has the right to demand an equitable road-map.

Firstly, a prerequisite to an equitable solution includes the significant input of the developing world, and the realisation that our "Common interest", involves a protracted effort against pollution!

Secondly, the fragile technology that environmentalists hustle, will fail without massive taxpayer funds, draconian laws and the restraint of third-world aspirations!

Thirdly, "Every journey begins with a single step". And this equitable step to "De-carbonation" will begin with a feasible transition fuel!

A feasible transition:

With the prospect of clean inexhaustible energy just out of our technical reach, the western world faces coercion by extreme environmentalists who persistently preach that we have just two options available!

(1) We can continue with the irresponsible and destructive rape of our finite world.

(2) We can bow down to the coercive will of extremists and live in a world of sunshine and rainbows.

Obviously the well-constructed options advocated by tainted environmentalists are irresponsible and malicious nonsense! However, with proof of concept and roll out of cleaner technologies generations away, we have a desperate need to tackle a poisonous consequence of our opposing views.

Airborne particulate matter (PM) is a poisonous reality that prematurely kills millions of people annually, and is our most pressing environmental threat. Surprisingly, there is a third option available while we wait for our technical abilities to deliver inexhaustible energy, and this option is LNG.

As a consequence of global pressures (Environmental degradation, Population increases and demands from the third world for an equitable solution) responsible governments, are playing critically important roles in facilitating the successful development of LNG, by providing stable political, economic and regulatory environments.

These commitments will provide the necessary assurance to attract international investment, technology and management skills to help meet strategic objectives, and the long-term vision for equitable economic development and world energy security.

Although LNG could never be a panacea in our journey towards "DE-carbonation", it is in fact, our only viable option for the present moment. And as responsible governments grapple with dwindling resources, population increases and our poisonous reality, they will turn their backs on the systematic manipulation of extreme environmentalists. Accordingly, the conduct of these environmentalists will inevitably shift into a deadlier zone!

Consequently, the protection of capital intensive and complex LNG value Chains, will require a unified and resilient security / disaster framework to deter, deny and defeat any attempt to destroy or damage critical infrastructure, thus ensuring operational continuity.

Regrettably, the authoritarian need for increased security (Bio-identification systems) comes with a reduction of freedoms for the western world. However, the loss of first world freedoms will be outweighed by the equitable distribution of resources and wealth in favour of the third world. Thus ensuring a reduction of economically driven terrorism!

If you control the information you clearly can then also control the wealth. Read...

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